The St. Chad Gospels
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      The St. Chad Gospels Registered Image Viewer

      The St. Chad Gospels (aka The Lichfield Gospels) are a set of illuminated gospels that contain some of the earliest known examples of Welsh writing. Due to their historic significance, as well as their active use by Lichfield Cathedral where they are housed, much effort has been taken to preserve and document the content of these gospels for future generations.

      The gospels have been photographed five times, in whole or in part, starting in 1912. However, due to the differences in imaging equipment over the years, a direct comparison of these images has been difficult. This Registered Image Viewer aims to solve that problem. Every image of the St. Chad Gospels in this viewer has been digitally aligned with our images from the 2010 imaging project, and our unique Flashlight tool allows for the clear, direct comparison of these beautiful pages across time.

      We hope you enjoy this wonderful document and our viewer!

      The Brent Seales Research Group, University of Kentucky

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